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Infinite Radiology and Management offers a variety of options to diagnostic centers (IDTF), hospitals, physician offices, and radiologists. Our goal is to offer competitive rates for storage of diagnostic images along with providing the ability to view the images and report within the ‘Cloud’.  All that is needed to take advantage of Infinite Radiology is an internet connection.

With Infinite Radiology’s software, clients can not only view images and reports, but dictate, store, and transfer information, thus streamlining daily operations while cutting costs.

Advanced Functionality and Features

  • View images from any Web-enabled PC with full DICOM 3.0 functionality
  • State-of-the-art DICOM viewer delivers intuitive functionality with high resolution multi-monitor support.
  • Integrated Web-based dictation and voice recognition systems enable report creation anywhere
  • Single data repository for RIS, PACS and Web ensures seamless record integration in a clinical setting.
  • Streaming technology optimizes data transmission to eliminate network bottlenecks and speed image delivery
  • Multi-modality, multi-vendor functionality and compatibility
  • Modality Work list support
  • Quality Control (Q/C) functionality
  • Push/Pull Technology for flexibility and speed
  • CD Burning, DICOM routing and DICOM print functions
  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) flexible archiving as data ages
  • Cost-effective enterprise-wide orthopedic solution manages image distribution and remote data backup
  • RIS report integration using HL7 protocols provides flexible integration with most medical information systems
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