1. What Dictation/Transcription hardware does Infinite Radiology support?


  • Philips Speech Mike
  • Philips Speech Mike Air (Wireless)
  • Dictaphone PowerMicll (SC)
  • Dictaphone PowerMicll


  • Philips Foot Control
  • Philips Foot Pedal (USB Adapter Joystick)
  • Dictaphone Foot Pedal
  • VEC USB Foot Pedal (Infinity)
  • VEC USB Foot Pedal (Infinity) Digital Voice

2. Why do I only see the last 30 days of studies displayed on my work list?

  • By default, the software will display only the last 30 days of studies. If you would like to see a full display of all studies, to include those studies outside of the 30 days, activate the FULL SCAN button from your work list.

3. How do I burn a CD?

  • To begin, insert a blank CD in to your writable CD drive.
  • Single Click the patient to highlight the study you wish to burn to the CD.
  • Then single click
  • *Or you may right click the study from the study list and select Burn from the drop down menu.
  • For patients with multiple studies, select any other studies to appear on the CD by clicking on the box. To deselect studies, click the checked box
  • The following screen will pop up:
  • Save as Little Endian, if you are burning image(s) for patient or radiologist.
  • Save as JPG Lossless, if you are burning for a referring physician
  • PLEASE NOTE: Ensure that the “With VIEWER” option is checked, or the CD will just have images and no way to view them.
  • “Write to Hard Drive Only” is used for troubleshooting purposes or selecting the destination path to place studies.
  • “Anonymize” will strip off all identifying information for the patient/physician/institution for HIPAA compliance.
  • “Annotation Overlay” will include any annotations added in OpalRAD to the images/study.
  • Click Start Burning

4. How do I merge two studies into one?

  • Click on the first Patient study you wish to merge. Then press “Control” and select the other patient study.
  • Right click on the first Patient’s Name to highlight it.
  • From the drop down menu, select Edit > Merge Studies.
  • Select the Study on the left you wish to merge and then select the Study on the right that you wish to merge it with and drag it over from RIGHT to LEFT.
  • You will get a confirmation pop up window. Click “yes” if you are certain you wish to merge the 2 studies.


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